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Our History


  • Incorporated as PT Panganjaya Intikusuma.

  • Change of name to PT Indofood Sukses Makmur.
  • Initial Public Offering of 763 million shares at Rp1,000 par value per share, listing on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

  • Acquired Bogasari flour mill.

  • Performed a 1:2 stock split.

  • Acquired 80% equity stake in plantations, agribusiness and distribution companies.
  • Conducted a 1:5 rights issue with additional 305.2 million shares.

  • Performed a 1:5 stock split.
  • Issued Rp1 trillion Bond Series I.

  • Obtained approval for a share buy-back scheme and the launch of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

  • Implemented the first stage of ESOP, involving 228.9 million shares.
  • Bought back 915.6 million shares.
  • Issued US$280 million in Eurobonds.

  • Implemented the second stage of ESOP, involving 58.4 million shares.
  • Issued Rp1.5 trillion Bond Series II.

  • Implemented ESOP stage III, involving 919.5 thousand shares.
  • Issued Rp1 trillion Bond Series III.
  • Acquired 60% holding in a corrugated cardboard company.

  • Established a joint venture company with Nestlé.
  • Acquired plantation companies in West Kalimantan.
  • Acquired Convertible Bonds issued by a shipping company, equivalent to 90.9% of equity.

  • Early redemption of Eurobonds of US$143.7 million.
  • Acquired 55.0% equity in shipping company Pacsari Pte. Ltd.
  • Acquired additional plantation companies in West Kalimantan.

  • Listed the Agribusiness Group at the Singapore Stock Exchange and placement of new shares.
  • Issued Rp2 trillion Bond Series IV.
  • Acquired additional 35% stake in shipping company Pacsari Pte. Ltd., increasing ownership to 90%.
  • Acquired 60% stake in plantation companies of Rascal Holding Limited.
  • Participated in the issuance of new PT Mitra Inti Sejati Plantation shares, controlling 70% ownership.
  • Acquired 64.41% equity stake in PT PP London Sumatra Indonesia Tbk.

  • Participated in the issuance of new PT Lajuperdana Indah shares, controlling 60% ownership.
  • Reissued 251,837,500 shares of treasury stock and cancelled the remaining 663,762,500 shares of treasury stock.
  • Acquired 100% shares in Drayton Pte. Ltd., which effectively owned 68.57% of shares in PT Indolakto, a leading dairy company.
  • Acquired 100% shares of plantation companies with bulking facility.

  • Issued Rp1.6 trillion Bond Series V.
  • Agribusiness Group issued Rp452 billion Bond Series I and Rp278 billion Islamic Bond I.
  • Commencement of the internal restructuring of CBP group with the establishment of PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur (ICBP) and the spin-off of noodle and food ingredient businesses followed by merging of all wholly-owned subsidiaries within the Consumer Branded Products (CBP) Group under ICBP.

  • Completed internal restructuring of CBP Group with the transfer of shares of subsidiaries within CBP Group with ownership of less than 100% to ICBP, and subsequently conducted an Initial Public Offering followed by listing of ICBP shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange on 7 October 2010.
  • Increased ownership in Pacsari Pte. Ltd. by 10% to become 100% owner.

  • SIMP, a direct and indirect subsidiary of the Company, conducted an IPO followed by listing of its shares on IDX on June 9, 2011.
PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk