Chiki is a pioneer of modern Indonesian snackfood whose name and taste continue to be favored by children today. Chiki is produced, processed and packaged according to a high standard of quality maintenance.

Chiki Balls Cheese Flavour
Talks about Chiki are never far from its most popular and unrivalled classic cheese variant. Chiki Balls Cheese is the number one option when snacking at your leisure!

Chiki Balls Chicken Flavour
The mouthwatering legendary taste of chicken broth you can only find in Chiki Balls Chicken.

Chiki Balls Chocolate Flavour
The sweetness of Chiki Chocolate will bring you back to your childhood memories.

Chiki Twist Roasted Corn Flavour
Rich roasted corn tasted in swirls is definitely going to tempt anyone.

Chiki Twist Grilled Chicken Flavour
Chiki Twist Grilled Chicken flavor with special rich spices will make you crave for more and more.

Chiki Puffs Cheddar Chesse Flavor
Chiki Puffs are available now! With new shape, awesome new flavors and in bigger size. Guaranteed to satisfy your cravings!

Chiki Net Potato Barbecue Flavor
Sensational Chiki flavor also come in a net shape. With its special Barbecue flavor in every bite, it will make you go Yiiiihaaaa!!