Freiss Syrup from Indofood with the best fruit flavors is now enriched with the goodness of honey. Any one, any time will enjoy the fresh taste. So make sure you have the real taste of Freiss Syrup from Indofood in your fridge, and enjoy an extra freshness anytime you want.

Various Sirup Indofood flavors

Indofood FREISS Syrup Orange
Let the aroma of fresh orange pamper you and enjoy the benefit of vitamin C that is good for your health.

Indofood FREISS Syrup Lychee
Enjoy the perfect combination of sweet and rich Lychee taste served in a fresh drink.

Indofood FREISS Syrup Cocopandan
The tasty aroma of coconut and pandan leaves now more enjoyable with the goodness of honey. Have a sip and the taste will take you to enjoy the breezy wind on the beach.

Indofood FREISS Syrup Frambozen
Raspberry fans would not want to miss this sweet fragrant and taste of syrup, now enriched with the goodness of honey. Have yourself a glass of Indofood FREISS Syrup Frambozen and have a romantic moment

Indofood FREISS Syrup Melon
Enjoy a glass of freshness from the real melon fruits in Indofood FREISS Syrup Melon, now enriched with honey.