Known for its appetizing taste, La Fonte is produced from selected durum wheat making it a healthy food option. Among La Fonte’s many advantages is its high protein content, low fat, extra fiber and elasticity, which is able to retain the pasta’s texture during all stages of cooking or warming…

La Fonte Regular Pasta
A range of dry pasta comprising Long Pasta and Short Pasta. La Fonte Regular Pasta takes on two sizes, 250g and 500g:

Spaghetti Instant
Healthy, flavorsome and practical, La Fonte Spaghetti can be served instantaneously. In just four minutes, this all-inclusive pasta – complete with real spices and ingredients – is already cooked to be enjoyed. Flavor variants include Bolognaise, Chicken and Mushroom. Each package has a net weight of 105g, the perfect portion for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Macaroni Instant
La Fonte Instant Macaroni comes in soup with real spices, sauces, meat and vegetables. Preparing it takes around three minutes and flavor variants include Chicken Macaroni Soup, Vegetables dan Corn, with 40g net weight for each package.

La Fonte Pazto
La Fonte Pazto is a complete instant macaroni series in cream sauce. Flavors include Cheese and Mushroom Chicken. Each package weighs 70g net.