Made from the finest selection of rice, Pop Bihun offers a totally new sensation in enjoying instant vermicelli. The traditional rice vermicelli that can only be enjoyed by cooking it conventionally both boiled or fried, can now be enjoyed by the whole family in familiar tasty flavor choices, such as: Spicy Chicken Curry, Chicken Soto Soup, Chicken Onion, and Special Fried which most people already enjoy

Pop Bihun Spesial - Spicy Chicken Curry Flavor
Netto: 63 gram
Brand new from Indofood... Pop Bihun Spicy Chicken Curry flavor. With chicken curry flavor which is a popular Indonesian taste, now Pop Bihun gives you an extra hot spicy sensation.  Enjoy the new Pop Bihun Spicy Chicken Curry flavor complete with fried onion.

Pop Bihun Spesial - Chicken Soto Soup Flavor
Netto: 63 gram
A perfect blend of rice vermicelli and fresh Chicken Soto soup flavor a tasty experience enjoyed generation after generation... Pop Bihun Chicken Soto Soup flavor comes with chicken sliced meatballs and dehydrated vegetables bits

Pop Bihun Spesial - Chicken Onion Flavor
Netto: 63 gram
The delicious chicken stock soup with a strong pleasant onion aroma gives you a distinctive taste experience. Accompanied by chicken sliced meatballs and dehydrated vegetables bits, tasting this Pop Bihun will make you agree that the chicken onion flavor combination is just perfect!

Pop Bihun Spesial – Special Fried
Netto: 77 gram
No need to dine at a fancy restaurant to taste excellent tasting fried vermicelli special, because now you can easily enjoy it, accompanied with hot chilly sauce and fried onion. Pop Bihun balance of taste between the spices and the rice vermicelli is just right!

Pop Bihun - Fried Vermicelli
Netto: 60 g

Pop Bihun - Chicken Soto Soup Flavor
Netto: 50 g

Pop Bihun - Chicken Onion Flavor
Netto: 50 g