SUN’s lineup of baby food products, enriched with balanced nutrients, can cater to babies nutritional needs in every phase of th

SUN Pregnancy Milk Powder
New formulation of Milk product for pregnant moms, with complete nutrition to support nutritional needs during pregnancy stage.

SUN Breastfeeding Milk Powder
New formulation of milk product for breastfeeding moms, specially formulated to cater Breastfeeding Mom’s nutritional needs.

SUN Baby Milk Cereal
Baby cereal product with smooth texture, with complete balanced nutrition for aged 6 months and older to cater baby nutritional needs to growth.

SUN Baby Milk Cereal Economic Pack
Baby Milk cereal product for babies 6 months and older with richer vegetable proteins, formulated to support babies growth.

SUN Follow On Baby Milk Cereal (FOC)
Baby cereal product for babies 8 months and older, with more solid texture to help babies chew and bite learning.

SUN Baby Rusk Biscuit
Baby snack biscuit product with easy-melt texture, helps to stimulate ability to grasp and stimulate baby’s teeth development.

SUN Marie Biscuit
Baby snack product, formulated to supports baby 6 month and older growth development. Stimulates ability to grasp & squeeze, ability to bite & chew, and stimulate baby’s teeth development.

SUN Milk Pudding
Milk Pudding, baby snack product with chewable texture and delicious flavor. Contains complete balanced nutrition: 11 vitamins & minerals, choline for brain development, dietary fiber inulin for digestion and immunity, and high vitamin D for bone and teeth development.

A complementary food to support breast milk with balanced nutrition to help physical growth, teeth, organs and brains development for baby 6 month old and older. Enriched with 10 vitamins and 4 minerals.

SUN M-PASI Biscuits

Baby snack with good texture to stimulate baby motoric ability and teeth development. Enriched with 10 vitamins and 6 minerals.