SUN, as Natural as Mother’s Love. SUN provides range of nutritious baby complementary feeding, which enriched with Esenutri to support baby’s optimum growth and development according to the milestone. Made from natural dried ingredients, SUN protects the purity of its nutrition that given by moms.

SUN Pregnancy Milk Powder
New formulation of Milk product for pregnant moms, with complete nutrition to support nutritional needs during pregnancy stage.

SUN Baby Milk Cereal 6+
Baby milk cereal product with smooth texture, and complete balanced nutrition enriched with Esenutri. Formulated for baby aged 6 months and older to meet their nutritional needs and support optimum growth.

SUN Baby Milk Cereal Economic Pack 6+
Baby milk cereal product for babies 6 months and older, contain more vegetable proteins to support babies growth and development.

SUN Follow On Cereal 8+
Follow on cereal for baby 8 months and older with Rice Ball Innovation, provide more coarse and solid texture to help baby learn to chew.

SUN Baby Rusk Biscuit 6+
Cemilan bergizi lengkap seimbang dengan tekstur mudah lumer di mulut. Cocok untuk bayi 6 bulan ke atas untuk dukung kemampuan menggenggam dan bantu merangsang pertumbuhan gigi Adek Bayi.

SUN Milk Marie Biscuit 6+
Baby snack product which specially formulated for babies to supports 6 month and older baby’s growth development. Stimulating the ability to grasp & squeeze, to bite & chew and baby’s teeth development.

SUN MPASI Cereal 6+
A complementary food to support breast milk feeding with balanced nutrition to help physical growth, teeth, organs and brains development for baby 6 month old and older. Enriched with 10 vitamins and 4 minerals.

SUN MPASI Biskuit 6+

Baby snack with good texture to support growth and teeth development. Enriched with 10 vitamins and 6 minerals.