Introducing Sarimi’s latest product: Sarimi Soto Koya Gurih. This noodle variant offers a unique taste of soto complete with more tasty ground Koya for a richer flavor. Enjoy these delicious ingredients with the following Sarimi Instant Noodle variants:

Sarimi Rasa Sate Ayam
Satay is one of the best Indonesian National Dish. Satay is very popular in the country. Now  you can enjoy this legendary Satay delicacy with the authenctic taste of Sarimi noodle in the new Sarimi Mi Goreng Rasa Sate Ayam. Its seasoning creates the real experience of enjoying satay.  It comes with crunchy topping  to give you the complete real satay experience. Easy to serve and now you can enjoy satay without the charred taste.



Sarimi Rasa Pecel
Pecel is a traditional Indonesian salad. The secret of pecel’s delicacy is in its authentic peanut sauce recipe.  Now this authentic taste can be enjoyed in the new Sarimi Mi Goreng Rasa Pecel.  It comes with crunchy peanut topping to give you the complete real pecel experience. With Sarimi Mi Goreng Rasa Pecel, everyone now can enjoy the Indonesian salad in more simple way.


Sarimi isi 2 Ayam Bawang
Table 2 pieces of noodles, mixed with a combination of chicken broth and garlic oil make flavor combination of savory and delicious.

Sarimi isi 2 Baso Sapi
Table 2 pieces noodles with meatballs already feel very familiar and favored.

Sarimi Soto Koya Gurih
Added with more tasty koya, makes the broth taste so delicious and different from the others.
Sarimi Soto Koya Gurih... It is incredibly tasty until the last drop.

Sarimi Lime Soto Koya Flavor
This Sarimi product combines Koya’s piquant sensation with fresh lime to shake both your plate and palate.

Sarimi Spicy Soto Koya Flavor
Makes a perfect meal for those who like to wrestle their tongues with extra-hot spice, especially with the added delight of Koya powder melting in the soup and on your tongue.

Sarimi Chicken & Onion Flavor
A classic Sarimi variant that guarantees you a pleasant dining experience from a simple preparation.

Sarimi Beef meatball Flavor
This tempting meatball flavor deserves a top mark when served with a bowl of tasty soup, giving a new meaning to the word “sublime”.

Sarimi Fried Chicken flavor
Sarimi’s fried noodles will surely turn anyone tasting it into an addict.

Sarimi Chicken Flavor
The delectable Sarimi chicken is made complete with a sachet of seasoning giving it its incredible chicken soup taste.

Sarimi Large portion – Chicken & Onion Flavor
This perfect blend of chicken and onion becomes more heavenly with extra chili sauce. For those who think one is not enough, here is Sarimi Ayam Bawang in its jumbo size.

Sarimi Large portion – Extra Spicy
Big in quantity, big in quality! Add to that an extra-spicy effect, and you won’t be doubting your cravings!

Large portion – Soto noodle Flavor
Now you can taste Sarimi Soto Mi’s spicy, sweet, and sour mix in jumbo sensation.