Introducing Sarimi’s product variants : Sarimi regular, Sarimi Isi 2 and Sarimi Puass. Enjoy these delicious taste with the following Sarimi Instant Noodle variants :

Sarimi Isi 2 rasa Kari Spesial

2 pieces noodles with curry oil, delicious of the thick and savory curry soup and tempting aroma, everyone liked.

Sarimi Isi 2 rasa Soto

2 pieces noodles with oil and soto seasoning, give fresh and savoury soto taste that everyone knows.

Sarimi Isi 2 Goreng rasa Ayam Kremess

2 pieces noodles with more crunchy kremes, chicken kremes flavor that everyone liked

Sarimi Isi 2 Goreng rasa Ayam Kecap

2 pieces noodles with extra vegetables and sweet soy sauce, sweet soy sauce chicken flavor great taste knowed by everyone.

Sarimi Puass rasa Fried Chicken Ayam Krispi

Sarimi Puass comes with a larger portion than the regular size. The combination between savory fried chicken seasoning that gives more satisfaction and with the real extra fried chicken crisps.

Sarimi rasa Kaldu Ayam

The delectable Sarimi chicken broth flavor is made complete with a sachet of seasoning giving it its incredible chicken broth soup taste.

Sarimi isi 2 Ayam Bawang
2 pieces of noodles, mixed with a combination of chicken broth and garlic oil make flavor combination of savory and delicious.

Sarimi isi 2 Baso Sapi
2 pieces noodles with meatballs already feel very familiar and favored.

Sarimi Chicken & Onion Flavor
A classic Sarimi variant that guarantees you a pleasant dining experience from a simple preparation.

Sarimi Beef meatball Flavor
This tempting meatball flavor deserves a top mark when served with a bowl of tasty soup, giving a new meaning to the word “sublime”.

Sarimi Fried Chicken flavor
Sarimi’s fried noodles chicken flavor, completed with extra oil and sweet soy sauce, give great taste and aroma everyone liked.

Sarimi Chicken Flavor
The delectable Sarimi chicken is made complete with a sachet of seasoning giving it its incredible chicken soup taste.