The Agribusiness Group is a one of the largest diversified and vertically integrated agribusiness groups in Indonesia. Its principal activities cover the entire supply chain from research and development, seed breeding, oil palm cultivation and milling, to the manufacturing and marketing of cooking oils, margarine and shortening. The Group also engages in the cultivation of sugar cane, rubber and other crops.


The Plantations Division owns strategically located plantations and production facilities located primarily in Sumatra and Kalimantan, with a total nucleus planted area over 300 thousand hectares. It operates 24 palm oil mills, four crumb rubber processing facilities, three sheet rubber processing facilities, two sugar mills and refineries, one cocoa factory and one tea factory. Oil palm remains the dominant crop, followed by rubber, sugar cane and other crops, mainly timber, cocoa and tea.
Indonesia remains a net importer of sugar, hence the Plantations Division has diversified into domestic sugar cane cultivation and production as a key strategy for business expansion. It also expanded its sugar investments beyond Indonesia, by acquiring stakes in Companhia Mineira de Açúcar e Álcool Participações in Brazil, and in Roxas Holdings Inc. in the Philippines through its associate company, FP Natural Resources Limited.

Combined Plantations Area as of June 30, 2016

  In Hectare
Total Planted Area 299,497
Planted Oil Palm 246,345




Other Crops 53,152



-Sugar Cane




 Note: *) Mainly Timber, Cocoa and Tea

Edible Oils & Fats

The Edible Oils & Fats Division manufactures and markets the downstream products of the Agribusiness Group, including cooking oils, margarine, shortening, and other by-products derived from oil palm refining and fractionation. Its five refineries are strategically located in the major cities of Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan and Bitung, with a total processing capacity of 1.4 million tons per year.
Its products continue to dominate Indonesia’s consumer market for branded cooking oils and margarine, with the best-selling Bimoli brand a household name since 1978. Its unbranded cooking oil is sold to the Indofood Group and other industrial food manufacturers, while margarine and shortening in the form of industrial packs are sold to the growing market segment of bakeries and snack and biscuit manufacturers.