Consumer Branded Products

The CBP Group is operated by ICBP, an Indofood subsidiary listed on the IDX. The Group produces and markets a diverse range of consumer branded products that provide convenient, solutions for consumers throughout their life journey. Many of its product brands are market leaders and command top-of-mind status in their respective categories, having gained the trust and loyalty of millions of consumers for decades.

Consumer Branded Products

The Noodles Division produces and markets a range of instant bag noodles, instant cup noodles, egg noodles, mug noodles and snack noodles, and represents one of the world’s largest instant noodle producers with an annual capacity of more than 17 billion packs. Its diverse brand portfolio includes Indomie, Supermi, Sarimi, Sakura, Pop Mie, Mie Telur Cap 3 Ayam and Anak Mas. These brands are renowned for their quality and high level of acceptance by consumers, and have won numerous awards for excellence and brand status.


The Dairy Division is operated by Indolakto, an indirect subsidiary of ICBP and one of the leading producers of dairy products in Indonesia, with an annual production capacity of over 600 thousand tons. It produces and markets a variety of dairy products including sweetened condensed milk (“SCM”) and creamer, ultra-high temperature (“UHT”) milk, sterilized bottled milk, pasteurized liquid milk, lactic acid beverages, powdered milk, ice cream and butter. Its flagship brand Indomilk has enjoyed strong market presence for more than 40 years and is one of Indonesia’s best-known brands. Other brands include Cap Enaak, Kremer, Tiga Sapi, Indomilk Kids and Milkuat for milk products, Indoeskrim for ice cream and Orchid Butter for butter.

Snack Foods

The Snack Foods Division comprises two business units, snack foods and biscuits. The snack foods unit is a JV company with Fritolay Netherlands Holding B.V., an affiliate of PepsiCo, that produces modern and traditional snacks including potato, cassava, soybean, sweet potato chips, and various extruded snacks marketed under brand names such as Chitato, Lays, Qtela, Cheetos, JetZ and Chiki, all of which enjoy strong market presence. The biscuit unit is solely operated by ICBP and produces a range of biscuit brands targeted at different market segments, such as Trenz for teens and young adults, Wonderland for families, and Dueto for pre-teens. Currently, the Division has a combined capacity of more than 45 thousand tons a year.

Food Seasonings

The Food Seasonings Division produces culinary products such as soy sauce, chili sauce, tomato sauce and paste instant seasonings for the Indofood Group and PT Nestlé Indofood Citarasa Indonesia (“NICI”), a JV with Nestlé SA. The Division has an annual production capacity of around 135 thousand tons. The Division also produces and markets cordial syrup under the Indofood Freiss brand and instant porridge under the Buburia brand. NICI is responsible for marketing all culinary products and manufacturing all dry-mix instant seasonings. Culinary products are marketed under the Indofood, Piring Lombok, Indofood Racik and Maggi brands.

Nutrition & Special Foods

The Nutrition & Special Foods Division produces and markets specialty foods designed to meet the nutritional needs of expectant and lactating mothers, infants, toddlers, children and family. The Division has an annual production capacity of about 25 thousand tons. Products include cereals, biscuits and puddings for infants and toddler, sagon cereal (type of powder cereal based snacks) for children, cereal drink for family, and milk for expectant and lactating mothers. The cereals, biscuits and puddings for infants and toddler are aimed at two distinct market segments. Promina offer various flavors, right texture which is suitable for every stages and stimulate good eating habits development for babies. While Sun is understanding Indonesian baby needs, providing various selections for Indonesian babies that are equipped with Esenutri that optimizes baby growth. Other brands include Govit for sagon cereal snacks and GoWell for cereal drinks..


The Beverages Division offers a wide variety of beverage products from ready-to-drink (“RTD”) tea and coffee to packaged water, carbonated soft drinks and fruit flavored drinks. The business is conducted through two JV companies with Asahi – PT Asahi Indofood Beverage Makmur (“AIBM”), which handles manufacturing; and PT Indofood Asahi Sukses Beverage (“IASB”), which handles the commercial operations of non-alcoholic beverages. The Division has an annual production capacity of around three billion liters. The Division’s products are marketed under Ichi Ocha, Tekita, Caféla, Club, Pepsi, 7Up and Fruitamin brands.



Finally, the Packaging Division produces flexible and corrugated packaging to support Group operations and for third-party clients. While the Division plays a supporting role as part of Indofood’s Total Food Solutions concept, its work is nevertheless critical to the entire chain of operations.