Shareholders Composition
Shareholders Composition

*CAB Holdings Limited is an indirect subsidiary of First Pacific Company Limited, a public listed company in Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Mr. Anthoni Salim holds the interest and controls directly and indirectly First Pacific Company Limited.

Name of Shareholder Total Share Issued & Fully Paid Percentage of Ownership
CAB Holdings Limited 4,396,103,450 50.07%
Anthoni Salim (President Director)       1,329,770 0.02%
Taufik Wiraatmadja (Director)            50,000 0.00%
Franciscus Welirang (Director)                 250 0.00%
PUBLIC (with ownership interest below 5%) 4,382,943,030 49.91%
TOTAL 8,780,426,500 100.00%