Explanation PT ICBP relating to Packaging Indomilk Powder


Responding back issues related to packaging Indomilk powder in social media, we as a producers of Indomilk in this case is PT Indolakto, we think we need to clarified the following matters:


  1. Figure contained in the old packaging of milk powder products Indomilk chocolate is a picture of a healthy family of 3 (three) generations, consists of a grandfather, father and son on the front of the packaging product followed by the inclusion of pictures grandmother, mother and daughter on the back of the product packaging.
  2. Since October 2012, milk powder Indomilk been circulated with the new packaging with a healthy family photos that were targeted consumers Indomilk.
  3. As milk producers who have experienced for more than 49 years in Indonesia, we always campaign for healthy dairy products to Indonesia as well as the family upholds family values Indonesia.



Thus the things that need to be conveyed. We hope this information can help straighten news in social media. Further, if anyone ask about Indomilk can contact our Customer Service at the toll free number 0-800-170-8888 or email