Labor Practices, Occupational Safety & Health Practices

Indofood is committed to responsible employment practices, and to develope the skills, knowledge and welfare of its people. We recognize that the Company’s performance and competitive advantage can be boosted by a motivated workforce. The Company strives to create a positive working environment through excellent industrial relations and good welfare. We aim to be an employer of choice in Indonesia, and an organization that values employees for their contributions.

The Company offers equal career development opportunities to all employees. Employees are hired based on their skills and capabilities, and jobs are assigned regardless of race, religion, gender or any other individual characteristic. Our strong labor relations are underpinned by Collective Labor Agreement with the Union and the successful renewal of the Company’s HR policies and regulations. Any form of child and forced labor are strictly prohibited across all operating units.

The Company invests in people development through a wide range of training programs and initiatives. These include continuous learning in areas such as lean manufacturing and waste elimination. We also provide continuous learning opportunities at the divisional and unit levels to improve staff competency, increase organizational competitiveness and deliver customer satisfaction.

To support our people development objectives, the Company operates the following training centers:

  • Indofood Education and Training Center (“Pusdiklat”) in Cibodas, West Java,
  • Pusdiklat Kertasarie in West Java,
  • Pusdiklat Rambong Sialang and Turangie in North Sumatra,
  • Pusdiklat Kayangan in Riau,
  • Pusdiklat Riam Indah in South Sumatra, and
  • Pusdiklat Nanga Silat in West Kalimantan.


Courses on leadership and soft-skills development, and other functional training programs are conducted at the six training centers to sharpen employees knowledge and equip them with the necessary skills and capabilities to do well in their jobs.

Employee safety and health are key priorities at Indofood, and our commitment to a safe and healthy workplace is outlined in the SHE Policy, which applies to all operating units. All divisions and operating units also comply with prevailing local SHE regulations by implementing the Occupational Safety and Health Management System Certification (“SMK3”) stated in Government Regulation No. 50 year 2012.

The SMK3 implementation involves the identification of hazard sources, risk assessment and management, a hazard prevention program, as well as regular health examinations and work program evaluations. Several of our operating units are also certified to the internationally recognized Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (“OHSAS”) 18001:2007 standard. This has strengthened the confidence that export buyers have in our Company.