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Atlantic Potato Harvesting with Indofood’s Farmer Partners

Garut, August 25th, 2016 – The Board of Directors of PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk (Indofood), Franciscus Welirang, Paulus Moleonoto and Suaimi Suriady, attended the potato harvesting season in Cikajang, Garut, West Java, one of the regions where Indofood establishes partnership with local farmers. The harvest event was symbolically carried in the farming field of H. Nandang Sopadin. Stakeholders from the Partnership for Indonesia Sustainable Agriculture (PISAgro) forum were also present in the harvesting season festivity.


Garut is one of the regions in West Java suitable for potato plantation. “This is a fertile area for growing both regular and industrial potato varieties. To grow industrial potatoes, we obtain seeds of atlantic potato varieties from Indofood,” said H. Nandang, one of Indofood’s farmer partners. “Since establishing partnership with Indofood, we enjoy higher production and better quality harvest yields that satisfy industry standards and therefore can be absorbed by Indofood. Having a market certainty is a big advantage,” he added.


Indofood’s plasma based collaboration with farmers aims at ensuring supply for Atlantic potatoes to produce Chitato and Lays snacks. On top of providing high quality seeds to produce industry standard potatoes, Indofood also conducts routine and regular training and coaching activities for the farmers. Harvest yields that satisfy the standard requirements are absorbed to fulfill Indofood’s raw material needs. Indofood continues to build its partnerships with local farmers. Since 2011, Indofood has become the Chair of PISAgro Potato Working Group. PISAgro is a partnership between the Government of Indonesia and several domestic and international corporations under the new collaboration platform vision for agriculture of the World Economic Forum (WEF).


This partnership serves as a multilateral innovation model to address challenges in Indonesia’s agriculture. By 2020, the Potato Working Group aims to increase the number of farmers and acreage of potato plantations, as well as to increase farmers’ productivity and income. “Until June 2016, the working group has successfully created 3,367 farmers from its target of 5,000 farmers and increased the land to 1,114 hectares compared to the 2,500 hectares target,” stated Franciscus Welirang. “Farmers’ productivity also grew to 12% compared to the 20% target, while farmers’ income increased by 8%."


During the harvesting event, Indofood awarded H. Nandang as one of the best farmers with consecutive increase of harvest yields and quality. Franciscus shared his hope that the partnership can deliver greater benefits for the collaborating farmers, as well as the society and the nation through sustainable farming practices.




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