Bogasari SME Program
Strengthening Economic Value

Through Bogasari Division, Indofood provides training for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in making noodles, bakery products, martabak, snacks aimed at providing basic techniques of proper flour processing for the SMEs in order to increase sales turnover.

Indofood also provides soft loans for production equipment of noodles, bakery or martabak, especially for Bogasari Mitra Card holder.

Bogasari Mitra Card is a special membership program for business partners who use Bogasari flour in their culinary businesses and are categorized as small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) or are still operating traditionally as an appreciation for their trust and loyalty in using the flour produced by Bogasari. The membership catagories are, silver for purchase under 250 sacks per month, Gold for 250-749 sacks, and Platinum for purchase of more than 750 sacks.

Indofood continued to provide benefits for its Small and Medium Enterprise partners who are members of Bogasari Mitra Card. These benefits encompass training programs, promotional support and assistance in obtaining bank loans, as well as the provision of various insurance products, such as fire, health and accident insurance.