Women’s Empowerment through the Pojok Selera Program
Strengthening Economic Value

Indofood supports women’s empowerment through Pojok Selera Program, through entrepreneurship training for spouses and families of farmers and our plantation employees, as well as other Indofood partners, in order to build small and medium businesses in the culinary sector.

Indofood continuously develop entrepreneurship training programs centered on non-rice-based food production for farmers’ spouses and families such as spouses of cassava farmers in Malangbong – West Java; chili farmers in Jember and Lumajang; palm sugar farmers in Banyuwangi – East Java; potato farmers in Garut – West Java, cassava farmers in Tasikmalaya, fried shallot producers in Cirebon – West Java; and potato farmers in Brebes – Central Java.

Pojok Selera program also conducted for employees’ families and communities around Indofood’s operational area.

Through these entrepreneurship training programs, it is expected that the farmers’ wives will be able to help raise family income, either individually or collectively, and develop their culinary business.