Strengthening Economic Value

Indofood continues to develop long-term mutually beneficial relationships with its stakeholders through partnership programs in order to promote and drive sustainable economic development. The partnership program is intended for farmers’ families, breeders, SME owners and the surrounding communities.

Partnerships with Farmers
Indofood continuously develops sustainable agriculture partnership programs with various farmers include potato, cassava, palm sugar, chili and palm oil farmers.
Women’s Empowerment through the Pojok Selera Program
Indofood supports women’s empowerment through Pojok Selera Program, through entrepreneurship training for spouses and families of farmers and our plantation employees, as well as other Indofood partners, in order to build small and medium businesses in the culinary sector.
Mahesa Program
As contribution to community economic empowerment, Indofood donated buffaloes, cows and agricultural tools to farmers.
Bogasari SME Program
Through Bogasari Division, Indofood provides training for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in making noodles, bakery products, martabak, snacks aimed at providing basic techniques of proper flour processing for the SMEs in order to increase sales turnover. Indofood also provides soft loans for production equipment of noodles, bakery or martabak, especially for Bogasari Mitra Card holder.