As the largest integrated flour miller in Indonesia, Bogasari operates four flour mills in Jakarta, Surabaya,Cibitung and Tangerang with a total annual capacity of around 4 million tons. A comprehensive range of flour products is sold under established brands such as Cakra Kembar, Segitiga Biru, Kunci Biru and Lencana Merah, while its convenient premix flour is branded under Chesa. Bogasari also produces pasta for domestic and international markets under the La Fonte brand. 

Bogasari’s operations are supported by a maritime unit of five post panamax, five handy/supramax and two ultramax vessels to transport wheat from Australia, Canada and the US. The Group also manufactures degradable polypropylene bags to support its packaging needs. 




Bogasari produced variety of wheat flour for different purposes under prominent brands, among others Segitiga Biru, Kunci Biru, and Cakra Kembar. Bogasari brands symbolized quality and are the preferred brands for both industrial customers and consumer.


Bogasari is also the largest pasta producer, not only in Indonesia but also in South East Asia. In Indonesia, Bogasari’s pasta is marketed under La Fonte brand, the market leader for pasta, renowned for its quality and excellent taste. Bogasari also exports its pasta products to various countries, including the Philippines, Korea and Japan.