Products with Improved Nutritional Level

As a Total Food Solutions company, Indofood strives to contribute to alleviating the triple burden of malnutrition faced by Indonesia: underweight, overweight, and micronutrient deficiencies. Indofood enhances some of its products with micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals. We strive to do more than just complying with regulations as our attempt to deliver products with improved nutrition level.

Reducing Sugar, Salt, and Fat

Indofood is committed to independent and collaborative research to formulate products with less sugar, salt or sodium, and fat (SSF) content. Some of our products contain no additional SSF.

We help reduce health impacts from high SSF consumption by creating healthier products. This aligns with the SSF guidelines published by the Indonesian National Agency of Drug and Food Control.

Products which meet SSF criteria are permitted to indicate the “Healthier Choice” logo on the front of the packaging. A range of Indofood products carry the logo.

  • See our Sustainability Report for more updates on our products with improved nutritional level and healthier choice products