Consumer Branded Products
Ichi Ocha

Ichi Ocha, Feel the New Freshness of Japan!

Ichi Ocha is ‘Ready to Drink’ Green Tea product of Indofood Asahi. It's a Green Tea made from Ichiban tea, a premium grade Japan leaves, processed with one time brewed, create the no.1 taste and aroma. Available in 350ml & 500ml bottle size.

Cafèla Latte

Chill. Cafèla first.

Cafèla is ‘Ready to Drink’ Coffee made from premium grade coffee beans, crafted with unique mixture of full cream milk and creamer, resulting in rich and creamy coffee experience. Available in 250 ml bottle.


"Club" mineral water produced from natural water sources, through a hygienic process with good technology standard.

Indofood Freiss

The real fruit aroma from Indofood now enriched with honey.
Freiss Syrup from Indofood is made of fresh fruits and real sugar. As the only syrup that is enriched with the goodness of honey, Freiss Syrup from Indofood is fresh to serve in any situations.


Thrist? Have Tekita Now!

Tekita is 'Ready to Drink' tea made from selected tea leaves in a convenience pack to satisfy your thirst wherever and whenever you are. Available in 200 ml and 240 ml cups.


Only Fruitamin can fight your excessive thirst!

Fruitamin is a fun and refreshing fruit flavored drink that comes in a variety of colors and flavors. Available in 200 ml cup format.



Pepsi is stimulating refreshment with irresistible taste and elevating kick and a brand that has and always will make people feel current, connected and entertained to capture the excitement of NOW. Available in 330mL in can, and 410mL, 500mL and 1500mL in PET bottle.


Loosen Up!

Mirinda is a Carbonated Soft Drink with bold fruity taste, vivid color and vibrant fizz. Available in 330mL in can, and 500mL and 1500mL in PET bottle.


Simpler is Better

7Up is a lemon lime Carbonated Soft Drink that is thirst quenching, cools me down and simple. Available in 330mL in can, and 500mL and 1500mL in PET bottle.


Tropicana Twister

Real Fruit, Real Goodness

Tropicana Twister is fruit juice drink with refreshing real fruit juice content and fun pulpy inside to be enjoyed. Available in 240mL and 350mL PET bottle.