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Indofood Bumbu Racik

Deliciously Natural Seasoning.
Bumbu Racik Indofood presents a practical solution in producing deliciously-tasting everyday menus. Bumbu Racik Indofood made from herbs and natural spices that have been dried without the addition of preservatives and dyes.

Kecap Manis Indofood

Sweet soy sauce with 6 stages of natural fermentation process with quality materials such as blend of black and yellow soybeans and the best palm sugar.

Sambal Indofood

Sambal Indofood, a product of PT Nestle-Indofood Citarasa Indonesia, boasts six flavor variants to accommodate all your gastronomic fares.

Sambal Balado Indofood

Made from red chillies, fresh tomatoes of choice and quality spices make it as delicious as a sauce of artisans.

Sambal Terasi Indofood

Made from quality shrimp paste is a fermentation of shrimp rebon and fresh chili pepper option makes Sambal Terasi Indofood more delicious terasi and more delicious spicy.

Sambal Hijau Indofood

Made from green chilies, fresh chili cayenne and quality spices make it taste as delicious as its own.

Bumbu Spesial Indofood

Made from a combination of fresh natural spices that goes through a pasteurization process to maintain its freshness.

Kecap Piring Lombok

We are all familiar with the thick sweet soy sauce that enhances the taste of our traditional recipes.