Resilience in Delivering Food for All

Our Approach

Indofood is committed to providing safe and quality products to our growing consumer base. We understand the importance of responsible product management, from product development to product marketing.

Indofood ensures all food products are safe and tested in accordance with regulatory, national and international food safety standards, as well as Halal guidelines. We also develop innovative and nutritious products to meet increasingly diversified consumer demands. We are also looking to innovate and adopt the best available production technologies.

Responsible marketing and communications ensure consumers receive clear and accurate information, such as product composition, serving size, and nutritional value.

Obtaining raw materials in a sustainable manner is fundamental to our business. Therefore, our strategy accounts for the increased scarcity of raw materials and the fluctuation of commodity prices. Our Sustainable Procurement Policy and Responsible Supplier Guidelines then encourages suppliers to implement sustainability practices in their businesses. This can mean greater resilience against global pressures such as climate change, and greater engagement and collaboration along our supply chain for long-term economic benefits.

  • Product Safety, Quality, and Halal
  • As a Total Food Solutions company, food safety and quality are non-negotiable. Guided by our Food Safety Policy, Quality Pledge, and Halal Commitment, we require our operations, products, and suppliers to adhere to the highest standards of food safety and quality. Read More

  • Products with Improved Nutritional Level
  • Indofood strives to contribute to alleviating the triple burden of malnutrition faced by Indonesia: underweight, overweight, and micronutrient de ciencies. Indofood enhances some of its products with micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Read More

  • Responsible Marketing and Communications
  • Indofood recognizes the importance of responsible communications and marketing in building brand reputation and consumer trust. We work to provide accurate and clear product information in a manner that is compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. Read More

  • Sustainable and Responsible Sourcing
  • We understand that sustainable procurement practices provide positive economic, environmental, and social impacts across the entire production lifecycle. This is essential to the long term future of our food supply chains, and crucial to preserving the relationships with our suppliers. Read More

  • Socio-Economic Inclusion
  • We identify practical and realistic opportunities along our supply chains to try to build community resilience and improve the economic wellbeing of our supply chain partners. Indofood’s economic impact affects our upstream and downstream operations. Upstream, we are building capacity and resilience in local farmers, while downstream, we create economic value through partnerships with small businesses. Read More

  • Resilience and Innovation
  • Adaptability in our operations is key to strengthening our business resilience. Read More