Cakra Kembar

The best flour for breads and noodle.
Cakra Kembar is a type of flour specialized for the production of breads and noodles. With higher water absorption level, Cakra Kembar ensures optimum leavening for your breads and an extra elasticity in your noodles.

Segitiga Biru

The multi-purpose Segitiga Biru flour
Segitiga Biru wheat flour can be used for making all kinds of snacks including cup cakes, brownies, pund cakes, and various fried and baked snacks. The flour's multi-purpose characteristic makes it the most flexible and practical wheat flour to your household needs.

Kunci Biru

Crispy and Delicious with Kunci Biru
Kunci Biru is a wheat flour specialized for the production of cookies, cakes, biscuits and wafer. With a low water-absorbency level and other distinct characteristics, Kunci Biru will ensure that your snacks are as crisp as they can be. Available in 1 Kg and 25 kg packaging.

Lencana Merah

For fried snacks and traditional cakes.
Lencana Merah can be used for making traditional cakes, fried snacks, nopia, moon cake, ice cream cone, economic noodle and bread. Available in 1 kg and 25 kg packaging.

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is whole wheat flour, milled from whole grain. Taj Mahal is the perfect flour for making Indian flat bread. Mixed with plain flour, Taj Mahal may also used to make whole wheat cakes and cookies.