Consumer Branded Products

The Group produces and markets a diverse range of consumer branded products that provide convenient solutions for consumers throughout their life journey. Many of its product brands are market leaders and command top-of-mind status in their respective categories, having gained the trust and loyalty of millions of consumers for decades.

Consumer Branded Products

The Noodles Division is one of the world’s largest instant noodles manufacturers and the market leader in its industry in Indonesia. The Division produces and markets instant noodles products in various brands and formats that serve different market segments. Indomie, the flagship brand, has stayed top-of-mind among consumers both domestically and internationally. Pop Mie leads the cup noodle category. Sarimi Gelas has grown steadily since its launch in 2015 to take second place in the mug noodle segment. Supermi, Sarimi and Sakura are equally entrenched as familiar household brands. The Division also produces egg noodles under the brands Mie Telur Cap 3 Ayam and Sakura.


The Dairy Division is operated by PT Indolakto, an indirect subsidiary of ICBP, and one of Indonesia’s leading producers of ultra-high temperature (“UHT”) milk, sterilized bottled milk, sweetened condensed creamer (“SCC”), pasteurized liquid milk, multi cereal milk, milk flavored drinks, powdered milk, ice cream and butter. The Division is recognized for its dfistinguished brands and quality products. Indomilk, which has a 50-year heritage in Indonesia, is the Division’s flagship brand for milk products. Other brands include Cap Enaak, Kremer, Tiga Sapi, Indomilk Kids and Milkuat for milk products; Indoeskrim for ice creams; and Orchid Butter for butter.

Snack Foods

The Snack Foods Division comprises two business units: snack foods and biscuits. The snack foods unit is a JV company with Fritolay Netherlands Holding B.V., a PepsiCo affiliate, which produces modern and traditional snacks made from potato, cassava, soybean, sweet potato and corn, as well as various extruded snacks marketed under the Chitato, Qtela, Lay’s, Doritos, Cheetos, Jetz and Chiki brands. The biscuits unit is solely operated by ICBP and produces a range of biscuit brands targeted at different market segments, such as Wonderland for families, Dueto for children, Canasta for teens and young adults, Trenz for young adults, and Indofood Inti Gandum for matured adults.

Food Seasonings

The Food Seasonings Division is one of the leading producers of culinary products in Indonesia. Its offerings, which range from soy, chili and tomato sauces to recipe mixes, are marketed under Indofood and Indofood Racik brands. The Division also manufactures and markets cordial syrups under Indofood Freiss brand, and instant porridge under the Buburia brand.

Nutrition & Special Foods

The Nutrition & Special Foods Division is one of the leading players in Indonesia’s baby food industry. The Division produces a wide range of nutritionally balanced specialty foods for infants, toddlers and children as well as expectant and lactating mothers. Its products include cereals, noodle soup, biscuits, puddings and rice puffs for infants and toddlers, cereal snacks for children, cereal powdered drinks for the whole family, as well as milk products for expectant and lactating mothers. These are marketed under the Promina, SUN, Govit and GoWell brands to target consumers across different market segments.


The Beverages Division is managed by PT Anugerah Indofood Barokah Makmur (“AIBM”), a subsidiary of ICBP. It produces a wide range of ready-to-drink (“RTD”) teas, packaged water and fruit flavored drinks, which are marketed under Ichi Ocha, Club and Fruitamin brands. 



Finally, the Packaging Division produces flexible and corrugated packaging to support Group operations and for third-party clients. While the Division plays a supporting role as part of Indofood’s Total Food Solutions concept, its work is nevertheless critical to the entire chain of operations.