Financial Year Rupiah per Share Payment Date Payout Ratio Number of Shares Issued and Fully Paid
2019 278 2020-08-14 50% 8,780,426,500
2018 236 2019-07-08 50% 8,780,426,500
2017 237 2018-07-05 50% 8,780,426,500
2016 235 2017-07-06 50% 8,780,426,500


Dividend Policy
The decision on payment of final dividend should consider several factors, among others:
a.   Cash position of the Company and subsidiaries for the particular financial year.
b.   Operating and financial results of the Company.
c.   The Company’s profit and/or dividend payment from subsidiaries received by the Company.
d.   Future Investment plan of the Company and/or its subsidiaries.
e.   Future business prospect of the Company, and
f.    Any other factors considered relevant by the Company’s Board of Directors.