Responsible Marketing and Communications

Indofood recognizes the importance of responsible communications and marketing in building brand reputation and consumer trust. We work to provide accurate and clear product information in a manner that is compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.

All our products are clearly labeled with essential information on product ingredients, expiry dates, locations of production, and customer service channels. Product labels display nutritional information and serving size, as well as information on product packaging disposal.

Receiving and Responding to Consumer’s Feedback

We welcome feedback from customers; it enables us to continue innovating to meet their needs and preferences. Customers and consumers can contact Indofood Customer service through social media channels, toll-free telephone lines, and email. Following our standard operating procedures, we respond to each customer enquiry or complaint.

Consumer Education

Indofood believes consumer education is important for increasing consumer knowledge of our products, and for sharing our specific product value. We engage with our consumers through a variety of online and offline initiatives to increase awareness of how food consumption impacts health and wellness. One of our initiatives is to encourage the consumption of vegetables and protein alongside instant noodles to ensure a balanced diet.

Digital communication technology has facilitated a sharp rise in new ways of customer engagement. We have invested in improving the user experience of the websites for our Bogasari Group and our Agribusiness Group, including new features to improve consumer awareness of food choices. Our Indofood Nutrition Care program is now online, providing education programs.