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Chitato offers maximum enjoyment in both your palate and mind. The chips wavy slices are marinated in a special spice recipe that leaves you with a deep, lasting impression of what a snack should be.


Processed from selected raw materials, and packaged in a modern way. Qtela has become one of the favorite snacks in Indonesia. Currently Qtela consists of two variants of Cassava Chips and Chips Tempe.


Have a BLAST with JetZ
Available in four mouthwatering flavors, JetZ is guaranteed to bring that extra excitement into your world. Be it salty, spicy or sweet, grab any JetZ variant today and start having a BLAST!


Who doesn’t know about Cheetos and its cheetah mascot Chester? From the young to the adults, everyone is familiar with Cheetos. This super crunchy snack is made fromcornflour. It is also one of the best known snacks in Indonesia.


For years now, Chiki has been the pioneer and favorite snack option for many Indonesian children and adults. Make sure not to leave your home without Chiki; this light snack is ready to accompany you whenever and wherever!


Before Lay’s entry into the Indonesian market, the brand had already gained worldwide recognition. In Indonesia, Lay’s is marketed and produced as a joint venture between Indofood and Fritolay International.


The Doritos Brand is all about boldness. With intense flavours, full on crunch, and a triangular shape, Doritos is the great tasting bold snack. grab a bag of DORITOS tortilla chips and get ready to make some memories you won't soon forget. It's a bold experience in snacking and beyond.


Just like a friend, Trenz is always there in every circumstance, like a best friend that always keeps you on track. Trenz not only makes for a loyal snacking companion, it is also ideal to be enjoyed while with your friends! Make your friendship stronger with Trenz.


Dueto, extremely delicious!

Dueto sandwich cookies consist of milk cream with 3 various delicious flavors: vanilla milk, strawberry milk, and chocolate milk. Only Dueto gives a sense of balance between crispy chip cookies and milk cream. Dueto Sandwich Cookie flavors full of imagination that makes collaboration becomes more exciting.


Biscuits for the whole family.