Snack Foods
Consumer Branded Products

Chitato products are the catalysts that encourages our consumer to live life fearlessly. The real fresh potato with crunchiness like no other, and the wavy cut that preserve the flavour. The bold taste and texture triggers them, so they don't hold back and can keep riding the wave of life. Chitato give them a rich variety of full sensation products that opens up to a wealth of experiences.


Qtela is made from selected traditional and high quality raw materials and packaged in a modern way. Qtela has 2 variants namely Cassava Chips and Tempe Chips. Thin and crispy texture combined with special taste is perfect for all moments of gathering with friends or family.


Have a BLAST with JetZ
JetZ as an indulgent and trendy snack that is always ready to accompany and support you in your teenage years and together be prepared to navigate your exciting moments.


For years now, Chiki, has been the pioneer and our favorite snack for a long time with a crisp and melted texture in the mouth and makes your day more cheerful.


Tortilla chips MAXICORN comes with intense flavors and full on crunch.

Enjoy MAXICORN tortilla chips and get ready to make some unforgettable memories.

Chitato Lite

Chitato Lite, made from selected real potatoes thinly sliced, brings a crunchier sensation in every bite.Lite up every moment of your life with Chitato Lite.