Artsy Installation by Indomie at Haluu World

Uploading photos to social media is something that is considered mandatory for the majority of millennials. This behavior has led to the emergence of "Instagramable" spot, and unique art installations in many public spaces intended for photogenic place hunters.

An artsy collaboration from Indomie and Haluu World was present. A Collaboration that produced Instagramable photo spot called "Fondest Memories", a yellow painted room containing giant can of crackers, WARMINDO paintings, and human-size Indomie bowl. The HypeAbis photo spot by Indomie at Haluu World opened from December 15, 2018 - March 3, 2019 at Plaza Indonesia’s Warehouse, Central Jakarta.

Indomie x Haluu World has made hundreds of Instagram feeds for young people become more Hype! Don't miss it! Stay tune for another Indomie collaborations that can make you HypeAbis!

Artsy Installation by Indomie at Haluu World