Rumah Indofood ‘House of Jazz’ at 2019 Java Jazz Festival

Enlivened by local and international musicians, Indomie also participated in one of the biggest Jazz festivals in the world, the 2019 Java Jazz Festival. Indomie and Indofood were present through "Rumah Indofood ‘House of Jazz’" booth which stood during the 2019 Java Jazz Festival, March 1-3, 2019 at JIEXPO Kemayoran Jakarta.

Indomie is not the only one, other Indofood brands were also available at Rumah Indofood ‘House of Jazz’, including Pop Mie, Indomilk and Canasta. Visitors can purchase interesting product packages from Indofood at Rumah Indofood ‘House of Jazz’. In addition there was a special booth for Indomie and Pop Mie in the F & B area where visitors can buy ready-to-eat Indomie and Pop Mie.

Indomie and Indofood repeatedly attending the Java Jazz Festival from year to year through Rumah Indofood ‘House of Jazz’ which is not only a solution for visitors who are attacked by hunger during music performances, but also a form of full support for local music festivals with International achievements.

Rumah Indofood ‘House of Jazz’ at 2019 Java Jazz Festival