The Most HypeAbis Collaboration

The word ‘Hype’ is increasingly being used among millennials to interpret something that is trending or popular. Their enthusiasm toward ‘Hype’ things are associated with various aspects; fashion, music, art, even food & beverage. Indomie collaborated with The Goods Dept. to make 'Hype' stuffs in the fashion & lifestyle culture, by launching a collection of Hype items such as T-shirts, shirts, tote bags with touch of exclusive Indomie designs that will make anyone who wears it, HypeAbis.

Besides, Indomie HypeAbis also released the latest flavor such as Indomie HypeAbis Ayam Geprek, whose spicy taste has become greatly popular among youngsters. Inspired by young people and their trends, Indomie Hypeabis will continue to create new trends that will quench the thirst of millennials toward ‘Hype’ things. What kind of HypeAbis collaboration that next will be launched by Indomie? Hang tight for the upcoming collaboration!

The Most HypeAbis Collaboration