WINA and Indofood Aiding the Palu Earthquake and Tsunami Refugees

The World Instand Noodles Association (WINA) and Indofood have taken a step forward to help the refugees that are in needs due to the recent earthquake and tsunami that has taken place in Palu, Sigi and Donggala by donating Supermi. This program was held with the help from few Ministries and Humanitarian Institution in which the product itself could be distributed to all of the places that haven’t been reached yet.


WINA and Indofood donates Supermi for the refugees and all volunteers of Palu.


WINA hopes this donation Supermi instant noodle which produced with high-quality standards can fulfill their everyday needs since it is safe, hygienic and easy to reach during the emergency situation.


WINA and Indofood also distributed the donation through “Posko Bantuan Peduli Gempa Palu Donggala” with the support from National Resilience Institute Republic of Indonesia (Lemhanas)


The handover of Supermi as donation from WINA and Indofood by General Manager of Noodle DKI Indofood CBP, Mochtar Sukardi to Lemhanas Class 55, Kartika D. Antono for the Palu’s earthquake an tsunami refugees.


Kartika D. Antono, Lemhanas Alumni Class of 55 carry on the responsibility in records to distribute the donation from WINA & Indoofod for the refugees, volunteers & tha Palu’s response officers through “Posko Penampungan Lemhanas” in Halim Perdana Kusuma Jakarta.



Mochtar Sukardi GM Noodle DKI Indofood CBP, Kol Udyatmiko (Mabes TNI AL), Brigjend Agus Arif Fadilla (Lemhannas), during the acceptance of Supermi for the Palu’s earthquake refugees donated by WINA and Indofood that is represented by Kartika D. Antono, Lemhannas’ Alumni class of 55.