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Celebrate the 50th Anniversary, Bogasari Invite SMEs and Younger Generations #BikinSemuaBisa

Millennials and Food-preneurs will be able to explores talent and potentials
in Virtual Bogasai Expo ‘Unleash the Bikiners’


Jakarta 29th of November 2021. Exactly on today (29/11), PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk Group Bogasari as the first integrated and largest flour producers in Indonesia now reach 50 years old. Bogasari already accompany Indonesian family and flour-based food entrepreneurs since long time. Bogasari have been grown and developed together with Indonesians from generation to generations for 50 years, consistently delivered food materials with high nutrition.

In order to celebrate their anniversary, Bogasari present Virtual Bogasari Expo (Bogex) with theme ‘Unleash the Bikiners’. Bogasari invites practitioners of SMEs, culinary industry, Indonesian family even young generations as part of ‘Bikiners’ (makers) who #BikinSemuaBisa (#CanMakeEverything) in finding new culinary creations that out of the box with anything they want either to cook at home or even use it to open businesses using flour as the based ingredient. This year everyone from any levels of society, from various locations can join Bogex that will start from December 2021 to March 2022.

Bogasari hopes that this year Bogex will provide different experience to the public and motivate young generations become figurer that can create incredible delicious creations through the presence of simple flour Cakra Kembar which #BikinSemuaBisaMaju (#CanMakeEverythingAdvance) in create chewy noodle and high quality bread, all-purpose flour Segitiga Biru which #BikinSemuaBisaSemuanya (#CanMakeEverythingPossible) and also flour Kunci Biru which #BikinSemuaBisaMaster (#CanMakeEveryoneMaster) in creating soft cakes and crisp cookies.

The first time Bogasari built their first factory in Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta on 29th of November 1971. One year later precisely on 10th of July 1972, second factory in Tanjung Perak Surabaya started their operation. Later Bogasari added a new factory in Tangerang on 7th of December 2015 and a year later, exactly on 18th April 2016, fourth factory built in Cibitung, Bekasi.

Director of PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk and Head of Bogasari Group, Franciscus Welirang said, “We invite practitioners of SMEs, culinary industry, Indonesian families and young generations to together #BikinSemuaBisa move forward facing futures that filled with new opportunity. We see that flour-based food business is growing rapidly supported with digital transformation also the massive potentials from young generation. Let use this moment to learn, improve our skill, expand our potentials and prepare ourself to be a generation that can advance our culinary industry.” Bogasari believes that flour-based food business opportunities are widely open for anyone even young generations who relentlessly always creative.

Bogasari held annual event which not only provide entertainment but also knowledge for the public so hopefully many unique yet innovative foodpreneur will enliven Indonesia’s culinary industry since there are youngsters who without doubt join to the kitchen.

Senior Vice President Marketing Bogasari Group, Ivo Ariawan
noticing, “Our hope the virtual Bogasari Expo #BikinSemuaBisa will be a source of inspirations that initiate young generation’s creativity as young foodpreneur in the future. Based on data from BAPPENAS, Indonesia has demographic bonus which predicted to be happen in 2030, when the number of productive age population will be at 64% from total of 297 million population. We want to be a part of this golden generation and support them in building culinary industry even to the global scale.”

In order to support those great potentials, Bogasari will present an array of activities such as Create Creations Bogasari Competition, Panel Talks, Cooking Class, Baking Class and also provide awards for selected culinary SMEs who can a lead Indonesians in order to successfully build sustainable SMEs. For further information, the public can access Bogasari’s digital platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube with account @kreasibogasari.




About PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk

Over the last two decades, Indofood has progressively transformed into a Total Food Solutions company with operations in all stages of food manufacturing, from the production of raw materials and their processing, to consumer products in the market. Today, it is renowned as a well-established company and a leading player in each business category in which it operates. In its business operations, Indofood capitalizes on economies of scale and a resilient business model with four complementary Strategic Business Groups (“Group”), namely:


  • Consumer Branded Products (“CBP”)
  • Supported by the strength of its product brands, the Group produces a diverse range of consumer branded products including noodles, dairy, snack foods, food seasonings, nutritional and specialty foods, and beverages.

    • Bogasari

    The Group is primarily a producer of wheat flour as well as pasta, with business operations supported by its own shipping and packaging units.

    • Agribusiness

    The Group’s principal activities range from research and development, seed breeding, oil palm cultivation and milling, to the production and marketing of branded cooking oils, margarine and shortening. The Group also cultivates and processes rubber, sugar cane and other crops. 

    • Distribution

    With the most extensive distribution network in Indonesia, the Group distributes the majority of the consumer products manufactured by Indofood and its subsidiaries, as well as by third parties, to the market.


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