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Indofood and the Nusantara Spice Route Build Indonesian Nationalism Through the History of Worldwide Spice Trade

Jakarta, 15 June 2017. PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk (Indofood) hosted a casual movie-review event called Ngobrol Santai Film Jalur Rempah “Banda, The Dark Forgotten Trail” at Rumah Indofood, Jakarta Fair Kemayoran (JFK). The event discussed the semi-documentary film by Lifelike Pictures, which portrayed the history of the archipelagic spice trade in Indonesia. The film is an integral part of the series of events in Jalur Nusantara 2017 (Archipelagic Route 2017). Attended by the director, producer, and filmmakers, Ngobrol Santai ended with breaking fast with National Film Lovers Society and Jakarta Culinary Community. 


Fierman Authar, Head of Consumer Engagement, Corporate Marketing PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk, explained, “Indofood as one of the leading food companies supports the range of events in Jalur Rempah Nusantara. Through this platform, Indofood expects to ignite patriotism amongst the Indonesian citizens, particularly the younger generation, by introducing our archipelagic spices history, which in time will strengthen their love for cuisines that rich in spices, such as the Indofood products. 


Fierman continued, “The abundance of spices in our archipelago can be used to promote our cuisines internationally. Indofood has incessantly taken inspiration from the spice enriched Nusantara cuisines for our various products. Spices have been primarily used as a seasoning in Indofood products, especially in instant noodles, seasoning, and snacks.”


Sheila Timothy, the film producer stated, “This film aims to raise the younger generation’s understanding of the global spice trade history as one of the keys to the world civilization. Our lavish supply of spices is what drew European countries, including Portugal, Spain, and the Netherlands to enter Indonesia and begin monopolizing our spice trade, whose price at that age was comparable to gems and gold.


Jay Subyakto, the film director, maintained that the screening of “Banda, The Dark Forgotten Trail” this year coincided with the 350 year-commemoration of the Treaty of Breda. The treaty covers the agreement between Run Island in the Banda archipelago and Manhattan, an island in the south of Hudson River, which later became one of the states pioneering New York in the USA. The emergence of this treaty was fueled by the severe seizure of spices between Vereenigde Oostibdischeb Compagnie (VOC) and a group of English troops under the command of Captain Nathaniel Courthope in the early 17th century. “A fascinating history indeed.”


Renowned Indonesian actors, Vino G. Bastian and Marsha Timothy, attended the event as filmmakers who persistently motivate youngsters to grow a liking for national films, especially those related to history. Vino mentioned, “So far, interest for Indonesian history among young filmmakers is extremely low, and needs to be improved.” 


The film is scheduled to be launched nationwide in Indonesia early August 2017. 


“Having the participation of six Indofood brands, namely Indomie, Chitato, Indomilk, Bogasari, Bimoli and Club Water, in the series of events in Jalur Rempah, strengthen Indofood vision as a Total Food Solutions Company, which advocates Indonesian nationalism, particularly in our youth, by becoming familiar with spice history and strengthening their preference for spice-enhanced Nusantara dishes,” said Fierman Authar.



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