Indofood Riset Nugraha ("IRN")
Building Human Capital

IRN is an Indofood grant awarded to undergraduates who are researching food security or food-related subjects. The research topics are assessed by a panel of nine experts specializing in areas like Agriculture and Fisheries Technology, Production Technology, Nutrition and Health, Molecular Biotechnology, and Socio-Economics. Successful applicants will receive guidance from these experts for their final-year research projects.

In 2020, the IRN Program was mainly carried out through webinars due to COVID-19. The theme for the webinars was “Millenials and Food Research in the New Normal Era Towards Advanced Indonesia”. A total of 296 proposals from students in 38 Indonesian universities were received, of which 60 proposals from 31 universities made it through the selection and were funded under the IRN Program for 2020-2021.

Additionally, four recipients from the previous IRN intake were awarded as “Selected Students” and received additional support for educational equipment.

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