Protecting the Environment

Indofood actively engages with government, local communities and NGOs to protect the environment through various initiatives. These include the Indofood Waste Bank program and other ongoing partnership programs, such as the River Waste Processing Project (TOSS) with the Gerakan Ciliwung Bersih (GCB) communities, and the Mangrove Ecosystem Restoration Alliance (MERA) Project with the Indonesian Archipelago Nature Conservation Foundation (YKAN).

Indofood Waste Bank
The Indofood Waste Bank Program was established to raise consumer awareness on the proper disposal of post-consumer packaging waste.
MERA is a collaborative effort by the public and private sector, NGOs and community organizations to restore and protect the mangrove ecosystems and reduce the vulnerability of communities in coastal areas.
Tree Planting
Indofood has been working with local communities and government offices to support tree-planting activities across Indonesia.
River Waste Processing Project (TOSS)
Indofood actively supports the conservation of the Ciliwung River together with GCB communities, which is a collaboration between the government, private sector and the Ciliwung communities, by initiating a waste management innovation project, namely Tempat Olah Sampah Sungai (TOSS), located at the GCB Secretariat, Jakarta.