Nutrition for All

As a company producing food for consumers of all ages in society, Indofood is accountable for the nutritional value of our products. We participate actively in diverse initiatives to raise public awareness on the importance of balanced nutrition and healthy lifestyles. The Scaling-Up Nutrition (“SUN ”) Movement, Asian Congress of Nutrition 2019 (“ACN”), Hidup Sehat Yuk!, Integrated Health Posts, Indofood Nutrition Care, Nutrition for Workforce and provision of Lactation Rooms are among the efforts.

SUN Movement
The SUN Movement is a global multisectoral collaboration with operations in 61 countries aimed at eliminating all forms of malnutrition. It is supported by the SUN Business Network (“SBN”), which comprises more than 600 business members, including Indofood.
“Hidup Sehat Yuk!” (Let’s Live Healthily!)
“Hidup Sehat Yuk!” is an initiative launched in 2018 by Indofood in collaboration with Ruangguru (a startup in the digital education sector) and the University of Indonesia’s Faculty of Public Health to encourage healthy lifestyles among the youth through a mobile application.
Integrated Health Post (“Posyandu”)
The Indofood Posyandu program aims to reduce malnutrition and stunting in Indonesia. The posyandus, or integrated health posts, are located at areas surrounding some of the facilities operated by the Agribusiness, Bogasari and CBP Group across Indonesia.
Indofood Nutrition Care
CBP Group operates a fleet of mobile clinics that supports hundreds of health posts in remote areas throughout Java and North Sumatra under the Indofood Nutrition Care program. The mobile clinics offer free education to villagers on the importance of nutrition, and provide free healthcare services, such as prenatal checks for expectant mothers.
Nutrition for Workforce
In 2019, Indofood strengthened the Nutrition for Workforce program by conducting surveys on the nutritional quality of menus available at our staff canteens. Our goal was to ensure that the food served by our canteen operators complies with “My Plate”, a nutritional guideline set by the government.
Lactation Rooms
To support nursing mothers among our employees, we have provided dedicated lactation rooms at Indofood offices. These rooms are well equipped with sterilizers, educational materials on infant care and nutrition, and other facilities that allow nursing mothers to attend to their nursing needs in privacy and comfort.
Asian Congress of Nutrition 2019
Indofood participated in the Asian Congress of Nutrition 2019 organized by the Federal Asian Nutrition Society and Food and Nutrition Society of Indonesia (“PERGIZI PANGAN Indonesia”). During the event, Indofood presented about the importance of private sector participation in accelerating the end of hunger/ malnutrition.