Nutrition for All

As a company producing food for consumers of all age groups, Indofood strives to deliver products with balanced nutrition. We participate actively in diverse initiatives to raise public awareness of the importance of balanced diets and healthy lifestyles. Key programs include the Scaling-Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement, Let’s Live Healthily! (Hidup Sehat Yuk!), and Integrated Health Post (Posyandu).

SUN Movement
The SUN Movement is a global multi-sectoral collaboration in 62 countries that aims at eliminating all forms of malnutrition.
“Hidup Sehat Yuk!” (Let’s Live Healthily!)
“Let’s Live Healthily!” was started in 2018 by Indofood, Ruangguru (a digital education startup) and the University of Indonesia’s Faculty of Public Health to encourage healthy lifestyles among youths through mobile applications.
Integrated Health Post (“Posyandu”)
The Indofood Posyandu program has been highly effective in raising nutritional awareness and reducing malnutrition and stunting in Indonesia. The program covered Posyandus located at areas surrounding some of the facilities operated by the Agribusiness, Bogasari and CBP Group across Indonesia.
Indofood Nutrition Care
The CBP Group operates a fleet of mobile clinics throughout Java and North Sumatra under the Indofood Nutrition Care program.
Nutrition for Workforce
The Workforce Nutrition Program was set up to ensure that food served in Indofood’s employee canteens abides by the government’s nutritional guidelines
Lactation Rooms
We support nursing mothers among our employees by providing dedicated lactation rooms in our operating units for their privacy and convenience.