Solidarity and Humanity

Indofood readily responds to and participates in relief operations to assist people affected by natural disasters and other emergencies. We also run various philanthropic activities to help communities and groups that are in need.

Indofood Peduli Post
Our nation-wide presence allows us to provide ready assistance, such as food supplies, to areas affected by disasters.
Cleft Lip Surgery
Since 2014, the Agribusiness Group has run a Cleft Lip Surgery program for children with cleft lip and palate deformity whose families could not afford the cost of surgery.
Safari Ramadhan
Indofood celebrates the Ramadhan months with the communities. We organized Pesantren Ramadhan for elementary schools and take this opportunity to share with students about safe and healthy snack foods.
Qurban Donation Program
Indofood provides Qurban donations to the community living around our operating unit to commemorate Eid Al-Adh.
Indofood Service Day
Indofood employees are encouraged to participate in social initiatives championed by the Company, such as blood donation and Indofood Shares the Love.