Solidarity and Humanity

2020 and the challenges of COVID-19 have not only been tough on businesses and economies but people’s health and livelihoods as well. Showing solidarity with our nation and communities, Indofood was involved in various humanitarian efforts to tackle the spread of this disease. Working through the Indofood Peduli Program, we distributed face masks, medical equipment, food and responded to many philanthropic activities organized by our communities.

Blood Donation Drive
Indofood works with the Indonesian Red Cross Society (PMI) to organize blood donation drives every year. All healthy and eligible employees are encouraged to support these events by participating as blood donors.
Indofood Peduli Post – Natural Disaster Relief
Indofood Peduli Posts are set up to facilitate the distribution of food and other necessities to victims in times of natural disasters. Our nationwide presence allows us to respond swiftly in providing the essential supplies, which range from food and drinks to school supplies and other household items.
Cleft Lip Surgery
The Agribusiness Group has a Cleft Lip Surgery program for children with cleft lip and palate deformities from families who cannot afford the cost of surgery.
Donations for Religious Celebrations
Indofood marks the major religious festivals through various events and donations to its communities. In 2020, with strict health protocols in place due to COVID-19, we continued with our traditions for Ramadan, Eid Al-Adha, Vesak Day and Christmas Day.
Fighting COVID-19
Indofood is committed to supporting our community through this challenging time.