Indofood Waste Bank
Protecting the Environment

The Indofood Waste Bank Program was established to raise consumer awareness on the proper disposal of post-consumer packaging waste. This can be achieved through community education programs to improve the quality of post-consumer packaging waste material collected for recycling. In 2020, we continued our efforts to increase the quality and quantity of post-consumer waste collection through community education, improving the performance of existing waste banks, and building new waste banks.


We also have a separate Green Warmindo where packaging waste from the Warmindo network is regularly collected for recycling. We have been expanding our Green Warmindo program in Semarang by integrating with other waste banks in the vicinity to establish a more effective and sustainable collection system for recyclable wastes. In 2020, we replicated this effort in Yogyakarta, where our Green Warmindo facilities were integrated with the waste banks in the vicinity belonging to the local government.