Indofood Peduli Post
Solidarity and Humanity

Indofood Peduli Posts distribute food supplies and other basic necessities to victims of natural disasters. Our nation-wide presence allows us to respond swiftly in providing the supplies, which include instant noodles, baby food and drinking water, as well as blankets, tents and baby diapers.


In 2019, we provided food supplies to victims of floodsin Pekalongan, Sentani Island, Bengkulu, and the earthquake in Halmahera. Additionally, Indofood and other organizations are supporting victims of natural disaster who have lost their homes by building permanent houses and supporting facilities that are integrated with religious facilities, schools, health clinics, children’s playgrounds, markets and sport facilities. The permanent houses are currently being developed in four areas, namely Palu, Sigi, Lombok and Jayapura-Papua. The houses are expected to be completed and handed over by mid 2020.