Indofood Peduli Post – Natural Disaster Relief
Solidarity and Humanity

Indofood Peduli Posts are set up to facilitate the distribution of food and other necessities to victims in times of natural disasters. Our nationwide presence allows us to respond swiftly in providing the essential supplies, which range from food and drinks to school supplies and other household items.

In the first quarter of 2020, Indofood Peduli Post provided instant noodles for flood victims in North Jakarta, West Jakarta, South Jakarta, Tangerang, Banten, Cibitung, Bogor and Bandung, as well as victims of the Bondowoso mud flood and Sukabumi earthquake.

Although we did not set up Indofood Peduli Post during the pandemic, we continued distributing food and beverage products to flood victims in several villages in Surabaya and Makassar, Lampung, Medan, Deli Serdang and North Aceh. We also provided relief to victims in Bandung (tornadoes), Makassar (fire), Surabaya (eruptions of Mount Semeru and Mount Ile Lewolotok) and Semarang (eruption of Mount Merapi).

We also distributed school bags and stationery to primary school students affected by floods, and disinfectant refills and mattresses to flood victims in East Jakarta and Gorontalo, respectively.

In mid 2020, we handed over the permanent housing project integrated with schools, playgrounds, markets and places of worship, to earthquake victims in Palu, Sigi, Lombok and Jayapura-Papua that occurred in 2019. These housing projects were collaborations between Indofood and other donors.